Sewer Camera Inspection

Your price for a sewer camera video inspection is FREE when we clean your sewer. This inspection gives our customers a visual as to the condition of their sewer or any concerns they might have. Your sewer is the most important part of your home. No sewer function means no showers, toilet flushing, laundry, dish washing. This is the best part of our service price wise. We also recommend a sewer drain camera inspection before purchasing a home. We have seen time after time customers who have been in their homes and have a sewer problem within a few years. If you look at the main sewer trap and see that it does not have brass plugs then usually this means there has been a problem before.

Do yourself a favor and get this sewer camera service done before purchasing a home. If anything is wrong with the sewer and you really love the home then this can be a huge cost savings and be used as a bargaining chip for a lower price. Our sewer camera can take snapshot pictures of any problem spots in the sewer line. We can then e-mail these to you for future use in your purchase negotiations. We offer sewer camera inspection service in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island & Queens, New York.

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