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Drain Cleaning Service

When clogged kitchen sinks, clogged bathtubs, clogged showers & clogged laundry drains happen, it's time for a good drain cleaning. These drains typically clog due to soap, hair & lint build up in the drain lines. We use proper drain snake sizes for different size drain lines to ensure that your drain stays open and running for the maximum amount of time. If at all possible try and stay away from those liquid drain cleaners as these usually contain acid and will do your pipes more harm than good. Most of the time the clog is deeper in the drain line and the chemical will not even reach the clog. When drains are cleaned with a cable the whole diameter of the pipe will be cleaned of any grease, hair or lint build up.

After we clean your drain this is the time when you should treat your drains monthly with an organic degreaser that is sold at most home improvement stores. Make sure you read the label and that it does not contain any acid. We give you a 1 year guarantee on any of these types of drains if plumbed properly. We offer drain cleaning service to Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island & Queens, New York.

Nassau County Lic.#H0604280000 / Suffolk County Lic.#50141-LW