Sewer Line Locating

Another service we provide is sewer line locating and drain line locating. Many contractors request this service when they are doing home additions and need to tie a line in to the existing sewer or are repairing a sewer. Other times when this service is used is when the main sewer trap has been buried or concreted over.  We perform this service by sending the sewer camera to the section of pipe needed and turning on a transmitting signal to the head of the camera. We are then able to use a locating device above ground to pinpoint the location of the camera head. The locator we use is extremely accurate. Locator will also indicate the depth of the sewer or drain.

This service is especially useful for determining responsibility within certain towns. Homeowners and businesses are usually responsible for their sewers to the middle of the street where their line ties in with the county sewer. However there are some towns in Nassau County & Suffolk County, Long Island that will repair sewer lines from the curb to the county sewer tie in. You would have to check with your town about sewer responsibility. We offer sewer line locating service in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island & Queens, New York.

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