Sewer Jet Service

We offer High Pressure Sewer Jetting Service when a sewer or drain line has too many roots and grease. Our sewer water jet machine is a Mongoose Jetter that delivers 3,000 psi @ 12 gallons per minute to thoroughly clean your sewer. Our sewer water jet is mounted right in our truck and is always on the job if needed. We use engineer designed Warthog Sewer Nozzles that will scour away any grease on the walls of the pipe and shear off roots that a sewer snake will not cut out. You will definitely save money with this type of service which will keep your sewer functioning versus a sewer line replacement.

Some  of our customers prefer to have their sewers water jetted due to excessive roots or grease build up in the sewer and do not want to risk any sewage flooding into their finished basements that can cause thousands in damage. Most sewers can be jetted as shown in before and after pictures and will save you money on a sewer repair especially if there is expensive landscaping and stonework in the front yard if a sewer cable is un able to clear the sewer line. Our cost for sewer jet cleaning service starts at $500 which is an excellent price in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island and Queens, New York for an excellent performing, quality sewer water jet.

U.S. Veteran Owned/Operated

Nassau County Lic.#H0604280000 / Suffolk County Lic.#50141-LW