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Nassau County Lic.#H0604280000 / Suffolk County Lic.#50141-LW

Sewer Cleaning Service

Sewers usually clog due to tree roots growing into the sewer through the pipe connection joints and/or because of grease build up in the line. Both grease and roots will start to collect toilet paper over time and eventually become clogged. The grease usually will come from soap, laundry detergents, dish washing liquids etc. and will build up over time especially on a sewer line that has very little pitch. On all sewer cleaning jobs, we clean your sewer from the main sewer trap in to the rear riser and out to the county sewer.

We will also perform a FREE sewer camera inspection after we clean your sewer with you present viewing our 12" monitor to check on the condition of the sewer. ($300+ charge with other sewer companies). If too many roots and grease are present in the sewer even after snaking the line then you may want to consider sewer jetting for maximum cleaning. We offer sewer cleaning service to Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island & Queens, New York.